The ham specialities of the Rhineland and Westphalia taste particularly good with a slice of pumpernickel, or equally with a less strong variety of bread like Paderborn farmhouse bread. I would have been in heaven at that event. That is a great pic of Greg and Laurent. Wow what an awesome event…I want to try too! Very cool. Count me in …. Interestingly enough, I don’t really prefer prime since it tastes a bit too oily for me. oh my! (sorry- medium rare for me . Could it not possibly effect the flavors of the meat, especially after making it a blind test with just salt – cooked all the same. Looks like a lot of fun. I’m totally tweeting this…. I decided early on during my trip (first night there!) Steak me, baby! Died and went to heaven post! I’ll have to keep your checksheets on hand for future use. I would love to do a steak tasting with my friends and family. An interesting concept – one I hadn’t really considered before. We eat too much at one sitting. Forget wine tasting, I wanna go to a steak tasting party. Great post Jaden! Never thought apple will do the trick as well. now that the temperatures are cooling off, i’m beginning to crave meat again… oh to win this… oh to win… sigh. Okay, way cool. While what you did sounds like a lot of fun, tastings are very difficult. I knew beef from different regions could taste different, but I never thought of comparing beef to wine, in terms of tasting. It’s a lot of information to absorb but facinating. :>). Now I’m craving a good juicy steak, not the cruddy take out pizza we’re having. One difference may be that all our steaks were wet- or dry-aged at least 14 days. Very nice article Jaden! Now I am a fan! I love steak! Wow, I can not wait to try this! I have been in Argentina 5 times, and served some outstanding Parilla and Bife Chorizo….all from grass fed beef who live out their lives on the rich Pampas grass, have normal sex lives. It was interesting to read about the vocabulary of terms to describe the elements of tasting for steak. I always under the belief that meat was not photogenic and you’ve proven me wrong. wowwie! Oooh! I’d be curious to find out what kind of steak girl I am! On my way to buy a taster pack right now! I’ve never heard of a steak tasting before. I have to say that this is the first time I heard the term “Artisan” steak. Carrie. Mmmmm steak. When I worked for one of the major cereal companies I was on the first sensory panel (that’s what taste testing was called) started in the manufacturing facility. Bah. Still, little is known about their safety and potential impact. The event must of been near overwhelming. Rub your steak with garlic. How funny. This sounds right up my alley, I LOVE MY MEAT! Great Info.! The large terrace area is surrounded by palm trees and green plants that give the appearance of a jungle setting. In the foreground, food writer Greg and Ritz Carlton restaurant manager, Laurent, discuss changing their careers to become professional steak tasters…as host Laura slices the next round of steaks. I never heard of a vertical steak tasting before and it’s a great idea. i thought i’d had a steak or two I’d love to win a pack! this is so yummy , My mouth wa watering!! I’m with you, I like my steak with some chew. I’ve always known that the old axiom “you are what you eat” applied to the meat protein we consume, and as a result tended to by my steaks or roasts from butchers who had a product line that I consistently enjoyed. Wir bereiten Euch ein Fest des Fleisches und bieten ein breites Rahmenprogramm in gemütlich, lockerer Atmosphäre. They were all Choice or Select cuts. Sounds like fun — how about a steak tasting with local beef? It’s not even 9am when I’m reading this and I so wish I had a steak right now! I have a bad habit of splurging on an excellent cut of meat that I can’t really afford from time to time, but a plethora of steaks in side by side comparison sounds even better. Do you have any suggestions/resources for finding local artisanal steaks? I was intrigued, but wasn’t convinced that the taste of steak could go much more beyond the grades of tough Select, affordable Choice and out-of-my-budget Prime. Carrie, Jeffrey and Chef Eddie wonder how in the heck we are going to drink 22 bottles of wine at our artisan steak tasting. Those sound so yummy! Carrie, thanks for providing the info and setting all this up. Oh, please, please, please – pick me! lucky lucky you . I am totally a melt in your mouth steak kinda of a gal.. especially if I’m beer fed and belly massaged like that wagyu! Fingers crossed that I win!! by Jaden | Oct 26, 2008 | Beef, My Favorite Recipes, Recipes | 478 comments. The steaks were seasoned only with kosher salt. Great information, thank you. Steamy Kitchen is our family blog. Hope I win!!! This is a delicious and delightful website and business. Fine wine and great steaks – an umbeatable combo! I wish I knew where tge beef comes from if I buy it at a regular grocery store! Tweeted: Vegetarians ignore – Meat eaters make sure you check out Steamy Kitchen’s steak give away before tomorrow: i want to be there!! I had not thought about many of the delicate fine points about each steak type. Mmmm, making my mouth water, you sure are lucky to try all those meats. Great post and pictures!!! I’ve been on a grass fed beef kick since I bought some grass fed beef steaks at Trader Joes. Very interesting! Tasting Notes: Deeply complex, broody, mushroomy, earthy, iron, roquefort. I haven’t been able to afford meat lately, so this would be a real treat if I win! (Keep reading for a free drawing of an Artisan Steak Tasting Pack). Sounds like a delicious adventure. I would have prefer tasting the wine because I don’t eat beef. Ihr gehört auch zu Diejenigen, die sich als Fan des reinen Fleischgenusses bezeichnen? how do I get more entries??? Sounds like it was a fun evening! Wet-Aged Holstein-Friesian, Imperial Valley, CA, 3 Brand Cattle Company, Bob Beechinor Medium – Cooked to 145°F or 63 °C, the middle of the steak is fully pink and hot, with a grayish-brown crust. A 3/4" Wow, I wish I could do a tasting like that! Thank you Carrie for spreading the word, and thank you Jaden for sharing this article. Wow, you’re one lucky duck! I like to think I have a somewhat sophisticated palate…but…WOW. (Keep reading for a free drawing of an Artisan Steak Tasting Pack) Artisan Steak Tasting. How fun, now I want to host a steak tasting! . I love steak and would love to try this. Really interesting to see the grass-fed steaks. Great article Jaden! what a fantastic event!! These would go wonderfully on my new grill! Am curious about the use of wine though. Thanks for a great piece–now I’m depressed because I’m just having fritatta for dinner. This stuff retails for $50+ a pound and would be considered Prime-Plus. And then unfortunately, sometimes, you just get a tough cattle. opened my eyes to a new way of looking at steak. What a unique and interesting post! , And the good conscience from supporting humanely treated animals doesn’t hurt, either. I learned so much from the article and I already love the beef. I didn’t realize steak tasting was almost as complicated as wine tasting…but then again, I should’ve known. Remove the steaks from the grill and set each steak on the dollop of prepared compound butter. Lately, I’ve been increasingly preoccupied with how the meat I eat is raised and the channels by which it gets to consumer- moi. As a devoted follower I found this through your twitter tweet! Tell Gina “hi” for me. I just came back from a chilly week in Calgary where beef is what’s for dinner…. How fun.. a steak tasting kit. It’s great to know that there are some dedicated folks right here at home raising great steaks…I must get my hands on some. When we go out to eat, I usually order steak, Ribeye, Med rare. The last time I was faced with eating that much beef was my freshman year of college. Oliver Ranch Company is out to carve a new map for the beef industry, catering to people who enjoy discovering the specific flavor profiles of what they enjoy in steaks and connecting consumer to small ranchers. Hilarious! It is still hard for my 4x year old brain to understand how beef can be so different from steak to steak, but it is. I can definitely get on board with that. This is the best article on beef tasting…I’d steak my reputation on it! Where does anyone find these artisan beefs (other than on the internet? Knowing where your beef comes from is important – wouldn’t you rather support a small artisan rancher who takes pride in their beef? I had never met one before! oh, and the contest…great prize! Salting????? Carrie led us through tasting six different steaks from small ranchers. I need a big juicy steak now! Thank you. Good quality steaks are a great treat and I would love to get these. WOW I have got to get some of these steaks!!!!! Treat your taste buds: Explore Ahaus restaurants. I will put it out of my mind!! Very nice post Jaden! I was introduced to Kobe steak in Maui, and I have to say it was scrumptuous! I do have to say, as a regular or at least a twice year eater of Montana beef, it is GREAT! Especially when we are willing to pay for it. awesome that you got to participate in this — what a cool thing. Very interesting. Would LOVE a taste test! What a great event!! Wow! That’s awesome that you got to participate in the steak tasting. I’d love this! Enter me in the contest! Just found your blog recently and love it! Can’t wait to try your salting method. In fact, we just co-purchased a Dexter calf with my brother and he is raising it on grass (he raises organic free range chickens and pheasant too), however, I will have to wait a year or more to try it out! Amazing. Cotntail in S. GA. Looks delicious – I’m curious as to which cut was your favorite in the end? Yes – what the cow eats is sure important, but aging is also important to the flavor. I definitely can tell the difference with dry aged. But there are different breeds of cattle in Japan, and Japanese foodies are hyper-interested in every detail of what-where-when-how about their beef, so much so that, in restaurants serving high-priced beef, diners are shown the certificate which accompanies each beef carcass as assurance of authenticity. I buy locally produced beef and like that it doesn’t have to travel too far to get to me, but in this economy I would love to receive free steaks. the estancia steak sounds interesting. that’s really quite eye-opening . No, seriously though, nice. Required fields are marked *. Went back through my notes to confirm, all of the styles we tasted, whether grain- or grass-finished, were considered tender. So, cheers to our beef eating Canadian friends! Probably one of your best posts, after the Gucci steak one. I was just telling Nate yesterday that I could go for a nice big hunk of steak right now and what did he cook me? I would be interested in trying some of the grass fed steak. pick me, love beef, it all sounds yummy! What a great idea – I’d love to throw a dinner party centered around a steak tasting! Jaden, how fun that you and Carrie met! I can’t wait to share this all with several of our beef producing friends – especially over a steak testing! I’ve taste-tested dry age steak and regular choice steak in class before. Ok my mouth is watering and all I want is a steak! But mostly, it makes me wonder what a steak tasting would be like. Thanks so much for the salting technique! A whole night dedicate to the pleasure of eating cow. Oh baby. The taste pack is fun , we tried it with friends and had a blast (also got very full). Nice! This sounds like an incredible dinner party waiting to happen! If you want to. I have iron deficiency and it’s one obvious reason why I love steaks so much (that’s what my dr. said) . These sound over the top of what I could ever have. I have been trying to find locally raised grass fed beef with no success. Yea, I’m not a kobe beef gal either. Must say I am just very curious to the use of it between tastes or as a palette cleaner etc. Pick me, random number generator, pick me! It seems like a simple thing, but let me tell you, this was the best steak I’ve ever had. Excellent article, thanks for writing it. What an event! They all look so good. Thank you for sharing! Health, happiness and continued succcess. life is good. Thanks for opening my eyes to the world of steaks. This is an amazing and it looks soo yummy…. Jaden, Thanks so interesting. It was good, don’t get me wrong. I love the website! It is simply amazing to me that in this day of specialized this and gourmet that, that this prime factor in our food supply had been ignored and neglected for oh so long. Thanks Carrie! I’m going to try and find that Bakersfield steak,I want to support local, but I would love to try them all. (I’m wishing!). Regarding the tasting guide, if anyone’s interested in a copy, please send me an email at carrie (at) oliverranch (dot) com. I love the idea of artisinal beef. Jaden, This looked like such a fun evening and something that you could get all the “manly” men in your life to attend. Arlene in Tampa. I’ve always wondered what the kobe style beef tasted like. Hi, I’m Jaden, professional recipe developer, tv chef and cookbook author. A steak giveaway? And this is perfect timing: I’ve been curious about how grain fed compares to grass fed, and how the different types of aging affects the flavor. The 22 oz. I know what I’m having for dinner tonight. But guess what…these were some of the very best steaks that I had ever tasted in my life. I’m intrigued and want to taste steak! Good Lord what a brilliant idea! to do a taste test of my own. Eye opening write up. You have the best job ever! I hope I win the free steaks as my school loans have relegated me to Top Ramen for the past year. I’ve love to win the tasting package!! This must be the new wine, olive oil, vingear, chocolate, coffee, tasting event. We love steak! thanks for the great idea, and the drawing. Selecting the perfect wine, the perfect meat, the perfect veggie or potato all make the meal that much more enjoyable. I would have to hide this stuff or it wouldn’t make it to the tasting! Excellent €€ €€ • Steak • Ahaus. Ted Turner (the largest private landowner in the US)(Yes, that Ted Turner) has a chain of restaurants that feature buffalo so it getting to the mainstream. This looks like a great experience! Thanks.. Steak tasting, Hum… Who knew? Thanks for sharing this with us – i wish I would have the opportunity to attend a steak tasting, Mmmmm steak… second only to bacon on my scale of tasty meats. Dabei zeigen wir verschiedene Fleischsorten und deren Möglichkeiten es kreativ und korrekt zuzubereiten. The only beef I’ve had recently is stew meat cooked in the crock pot for ages. Wouldn’t it be cool to invite that friend over for a steak tasting! I’ve used your salting method quite a few times, it’s great! That is, like, a billion times more exciting than a wine tasting kit. I wonder if that’s what restaurants use as well!….will surely try it this week-end!!!!…rain. I must try that next time I have some funds or win a certain prize . Fantastic job! I agree that all you need to season one is salt and a little oil and a grill. I’m veggie, but the hubby would love to taste test some steaks! http://www.RDFoods1.comAmericas favorite steak and a must have for any occasion. It makes total sense that all beef is not created equal, and all the factors you’ve listed contribute to the taste. A steak tasting sounds good too. Fantastic writeup, thanks! I’m excited to hear of Florida ranch and will investigate if I can get a hold of some of those. As usual, your photos are amazing, Jaden! I would love to win this I love steak and my fiancee is a executive 5 star chef…all the different ways he could cook this yummy. The coolest thing about this dish was being able to taste the progression from grass fed to the prime dry aged. Steak tasting is a fantastic idea! Breed: Hereford, only grass fed, no grain. thanks, Wow, I don’t think I know an adjective sufficient to respond to this. These steaks look beautiful. Looks like a lot of fun! I’m really fortunate to have a butcher who raises his own cattle, naturally without hormones etc. I want a yummy steak now! Mmmmmm… Steak sounds great right now! Oh my! I am a new(ish) foodie and would love to try these! Probably not as thorough as yours, but fun for sure. Thanks for having a contest. Maybe one of these days. I am interested in trying dry-aging beef at home, looked around and found your blog. Kobe is good but sometimes a little mushy, not exactly buttery. OK, what better way to host a steak tasting than to win a few cuts ‘o beef? These include a new persistent cough, a loss of taste and smell and a high temperature. This is great! One complaint people have about grass-fed beef, of course, is the expense. I’d watched a documentary about grass fed beef and was really interested in trying some of those steaks! Sear steaks – add steaks and sear each side 3-4 minutes until a brown crust has formed then use tongs to turn steaks on their sides and sear edges (1 min per edge). Ditto yoko’s post. Found the blog because of the salting info. That means I have to win. Especially with lots of fabulous wine…. My husband and I love steak, I think we are the only family in our neighborhood that grills steak all winter (during winter in MN no one goes out unless they have to). I’ve heard of wine tasting, but never a steak tasting. Like mine with a little resistance, meaning not the super tender cuts like kobe, etc. . Sign me up. My boyfriend would kill for this package! Farmers’ markets and CSAs and some butchers are great, but not everyone has access to one and it can still be hard to tell what you’re getting. New Zealand Lamb picked up on it somewhat, but what the Oliver Ranch folks are doing is fantastic. Zusammen mit der Fleischerei Haag dreht sich der gesamte Abend um das Thema Beef! Thank you, Jaden! No big wow. Oooo…what a wonderful posting! The Trib don’t pay baby, him cooking does. I lay sick in bed, and steak still sounds good…kinda weird when one can drool over photos of raw meat. I think these look so delcious and so wonderful. Very yummy and a nice treat but otherwise too pricey. I stopped buying it from the supermarket as it was always disappointing. Nothing better than a good steak! I may have some ideas, but they’re probably randomly floating artound in my head and I won’t be able to articulate them. Add butter and aromatics – melt in butter with quartered garlic cloves and rosemary sprigs. Brilliant idea! Good luck! It is very grassy, reminiscent of lamb when the fat hits the grill. I think “bouncy” sounds like my idea steak texture. What I try and do is let a pack of steaks age on their own in the fridge for a week before grilling. If you needed us to jump through a few hoops for this contest, I probably would! Find thousands of free tried-and-tested recipes from Australia's favourite lifestyle brands, then shop all the ingredients with a click of a button! Other than the Kobe, which of the steaks in the tasting were less chewy than the rest? Your new post leaves me very interested in the different flavors of steak. Thanks for the opportunity! Great Giveaway and good luck everyone, Looks great! is their site and 1-303-449-8632 is their number. Expand your Outlook. My last tasting was roasted heirloom tomatoes so this would be a great treat! I have been really wanting a good steak lately. I always wondered what was the big deal about Argentine steakhouses…must be the grassfed cows. I’m excited to try the salting technique! , Just tweeted it! I’d love to winn this tasting package! It’s great, but it lacks excitement for me. My husband would have like to taste the beef. But I’m looking forward to winning this one. I can’t imagine a better way to spend an evening. Steak tasting!!! I’ve always loved steaks but the ones I could afford on a more regular basis are Choice and Select. Carrie asks if anyone is a vegetarian to raise their hands. if germany have not done this kind of event, give it a year or two, maybe it will happen. can’t wait to try some of your recipes. OMG! You are so lucky to have gone to such an event! what more can you ask for? I have told many of my friends and family about your site. I’m curious as to how one would go about finding the origins of steaks purchased in the grocery store. I should not be reading this.