One reason marriages are under greater stress when Saturn goes through this house is that the partner becomes envious of your success. Saturn being the owner of Capricorn, is the significator of Profession and Career. it is good for government job as Leo is owned by Sun which signifies government. The exalted Saturn in 10th house from Lagna or If the 10th house is either Makar or Capricorn, Aquarius or Kumbha, or Libra, it Causes a very Beneficial Yoga called Sasa Yoga. Double Transit Special Aspect It can give lot of traveling due to your work. If the Saturn is also associated with Sun in 10th house, it can give Govt Service. Saturn is the Owner of Capricorn which is the 10th house of Natural Zodiac. In rest of the houses from natal Moon, i.e. I got used to the situation. so it can also give a creative profession too. Started learning Vedic astrology in a very early age around 12 yrs and almost more than 20 years in astrological study. Your approach to sex is more serious during this time. If you haven’t been behaving well, making good decisions, or denying your responsibilities, this may be a difficult time for you. But we need to see other Divisional Charts also to get a clear Idea. Future success depends on introspection of past. The planet Saturn or Shani has a significant place in the study of Astrology. You often walk away from this transit feeling much stronger and more secure in who you are as a person. Transit Saturn in the 10th House Meaning, Transit Birth Chart, Saturn Astrology Free Interpretations. Saturn focuses His attention on the ambitions, the role in society, followed by what place of work or society one has the capacity to rise in, and even it checks one’s perseverance and tolerance towards a drastic situation. When Saturn is in Gemini it is also comfortable as Gemini is the Airy sign and Saturn is very comfortable in Earthy and Airy sign. As the 10th zodiac sign, Capricorn naturally represents the ( wrote everything with lot of pain in heart ). Credit: ArtmannWitte via iStockphoto Different transits can herald the end of a relationship, each with their own planet-specific lessons. Saturn in 10th house in Libra Sign- Libra is the exaltation sign and when Saturn is placed in Libra in 10th house, it creates the Sasa Yoga. If a person is maintaining an auspicious way of life then He fills their existence with all types of comforts and conveniences. If the intensity of Lagna and duration of Saturn is that the same the effect is disastrous. We can expect Saturn to spend some time in each of our 12 houses. When Saturn occupies the 10th House, it will bring dominance and leadership qualities to the native. So When Saturn is placed in 10th house in Scorpio it will help you in Professional Success. You can make changes to yourself, your body, or your outlook. Prior to this, you might have been busy interacting with others for 15 years but now is the time to think what is going on inside you. What will be its effecr. I have saturn in 10th house i am aquarius ascendant person, i was an engineer by profession, i got job in campus selection i was very much succesfull in my career, in just 5 years of starting my job i was a team leader & was been to abroad two times.Me & My family members were so happy untill one day i quitted my job in anger & not good support from my team members. Brainstorm: Transiting Saturn in Aquarius Astrology – … This transit did obliterate my 10th house reputation and my career. So being a Kendra Lord placed in a Kendra it is good but some significance of Saturn will definitely suffer. The caste system is more surname based (family based) than Karma based. If the 4th Lord and Moon is also Afflicted, it can even cause Loss of Mother in Childhood. Saturn in 10th House Marriage, Career, Rise, Promotion/ … The Saturn Ketu conjunction in 10th house increases this feeling of dissatisfaction more. Mars is the Technical Planet. Saturn in Capricorn Sign in 10th house- Saturn Owns the Capricorn Sign. Capricorn has Special Significance regarding Profession. a person commonly experiences a period of difficulty in his work, or, if he is not working, in sustaining the lifestyle which he has had up to that point. We provide you the Most Accurate Information About Vedic Wisdom. Saturn symbolizes everything that is serious, permanent, Long lasting, profound in life. Saturn will spend approximately 2-1/2 years in an “average”-size house … You may become fascinated by subjects like death and psychology. There are more famous personalities with Saturn in 10th House who have found abundant success in life and misery too. Today i am suferring from severe depression, frequent quarels in family, unmarried no relationship with any girl, attempted suicide many times, my mother is taking care of me. But it is not as Bad when Saturn Occupies the 8th house of your Kundli. I have tried to give you some information about Saturn in 10th house. Re-evaluating success and amiability to flora and fauna. Saturn Transits Through Your First House: This transit starts with Saturn passing over your Ascendant, and it marks the start of a new cycle in your life. After awhile, it’s just your life. Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius – 10th house – You’re on top right now. Does Saturn in 12th house promotes spiritual sadhana as Saturn is a karmic planet . Saturn When Placed in 10th house in Cancer- For Libra Ascendant, Cancer is the 10th house. Leader is actually very specific term which is found in classical interpretation and more appropriate definition should be someone who … After awhile, it’s just your life. Thanks for valuable information may i request for further questions in this subjected matter with regards. You will not get complete satisfaction from your work. Well, the best transit of 2020 is coming near. Try to correct what you’ve been doing wrong, and it’ll improve. For Leo again Saturn is the most negative Planet. Saturn’s passage through this area of life may well bring a feeling of intense discontent with your role at work, as you So its placement in Scorpio can give you Foreign Travel due to work. When Saturn is posited in 10th house, which relates to profession and ambition, the native is usually adept in organization and management. Acceptance of an excessive amount of responsibility within the wrong space. Among all Planets, the Transit of Saturn is most important. Never attempt Suicide. It was painful but I did not writhe around about it on a daily basis. Saturn in Pisces becomes weak. House of "World Teachers" After the knowledge-seeking of the Ninth House, the wheel turns to apply that wisdom in the real world. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is one of the Panch Mahapurush Yoga. For Libra Ascendant Saturn is the Yogkaraka Planet. The natives born with Saturn in 10th House often appears to be a dominating one. But the 10th lord Venus is friend of Saturn and it is also a earthy Sign. Saturn is Placed in 10th house in Leo Sign- For Scorpio Lagna Leo becomes the 10th house. If it is not otherwise weak, you will get lot of progress in Saturn period. Saturn transiting the 7th House makes you suddenly noticeable and the success that this transit tends to bring attracts jealousy. The exalted Saturn in 10th house from Lagna is big blessing for a Good Career provided Saturn is not weak by some other way and can give lot of Financial Fortune. These people who have Saturn in 10th house being deeply devoted towards their profession may take over large weight of responsibilities on their head that may have fluctuating influence in their life. Increasing acquisition of properties and private power. It is Saturn’s own house. With Saturn influencing it, it brings lots of responsibilities into married life. Saturn in the 11th House in Each Sign: Saturn in the 11th House in Aries – In the sign of Aries, this placement means you are an energetic and loyal friend who likes to play the leader in your tightly knit posse. Saturn in 10th house Career, Rise, Love, Promotion/ Demotion, Marriage Finance, Health, Family:- Shani Graha In Vedic Astrology in tenth house of your Kundli/ Horoscope/ Birth Chart: Saturn in 10th house makes native,shy,sincere and introvert. It also wiped out both parents. You can read our discussion on Rahu in 10th house for more information. As Saturn owns the 10th house of KalPurush and it is also the Significator, Saturn generally Gives Good Result in 10th house. In addition, Saturn in first house people are very hard on themselves. It is further believed to place great efforts and hindrances in his or her path. During the next 14 years, or so, you have to concentrate more on taking care of internal matters rather than focusing on what’s going on out there with everyone … When Saturn transit to the first house from natal Moon, it marks the beginning of the second phase of the Sade Sati (the 7 1⁄2 years long period of Saturn, which is deemed challenging in Vedic Astrology). But if it is conjunct with Planets like Rahu or Venus in Pisces, it can give you a good career in Foreign Land. Related But in astrology Sun is still Kshatriya, Jupiter is still … So it will bring dissatisfaction. It can also give profession related Engineering or Medicine etc. Denial isn’t something that you can do well now. The effect of Saturn-Sun Conjunction in Kundali, the Favorable Yogas for Govt Job in kundli, Saturn Occupies the 8th house of your Kundli, Saturn in 8th house of Horoscope-Good or Bad You must Know, Sun in 7th house of Male or Female Horoscope for every Ascendant Sign, IAS astrology by date of birth-Yog in Kundali for Success in UPSC, Effects of Sun in 11th house for all the Ascendant, Jupiter in 11th house-effect on Career, Marriage, Finance for all ascendant, Rahu in 11th house-effect on Career, Marriage, Finance for all ascendant, Should you do Business or Job? Nonetheless, Saturn can give positive results if placed in 3rd, 6th, and 11th house from where natal Moon is posited at the time of birth. You are likely to take on more responsibility in any groups you belong to and others may be more demanding than at other times. Saturn in 10th House - Seek and meet people born on the You have entered an incorrect email address! Being Depressed and being Sad do not solve any problem. Pisces is a watery Sign and Saturn is approaching towards its debilitation Sign in Aries. So it is good for government job and it is also a creative sign. Actual and practical experience gives different picture . Saturn being the 5th lord in 10th house will create a Good Raj Yoga in Gemini. Sense of defeat over certain business decision is also inevitable. Lot of People , even myself, has gone through Such Situation in Life. At the start of this transit, you may see something important happen in your life, for good or for bad. You will earn with the help of your intelligence. Hey, I want to become an actress but I have saturn in 10th house in aries & moon in 1st house in cancer lagna, rest of the pleanets are also weak, It’s getting very dipressing I don’t know what to do, I badly wanna get successful,feels like life should end now,if anybody finds anything worthy in this horoscope please inform…I m born on 8 December 1998, Ghaziabad, at 08:15pm My name is sneha gupta….

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