These two methods are the base for predicting love. And jupiter conjunct pluto / uranus conjunction ( which conjuncts my ascendant at 10 Virgo). A transit conjunct the I.C also forms an opposition to the M.C. My husband and I have been hoping to move soon, depending on our finances. IP: Logged. When Jupiter transits the Midheaven it improves your professional status and… In any case, I am curious to see what events may transpire with that transit. Jupiter is het hogedrukgebied van de astrologie. There is an upswing in emotional positivity and your outlook on life takes on a more optimistic perspective towards life. For instance, if the natal Jupiter conjunct IC, then pay attention for the date or time, when a transiting planet like Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, will become a significant aspect in close orb with the MC. Very tight, Jupiter 18*27, DC 18*39, Chiron 19*17. Usually, it presents itself as a moment of outward growth after an extended period of time working on yourself in the shadow. What does the full moon conjunct the MC ( coming up in Nov for me at 3-4 Gemini) signify? What a fun transit to have! Transiting Jupiter through Fourth House. This post caught my attention as I have Eros in the last few degrees of Scorpio conjunct my IC and was actually thinking about the Jupiter transit. Jupiter represents the aspiration to improve and broaden your horizons through new experiences, opening doors to new ideas and possibilities. You grow and are more productive. There is a desire to indulge in […] I have learned that this person just got engaged, even may be married (indian arranged marriage). Onder een transit van Jupiter over het MC kun je verhuizen naar een groter huis, heb ik gemerkt. AstroSeek, Free Horoscopes and charts 2021 A transit of Jupiter to the Fourth House usually marks a time when a person becomes increasingly aware of and interested in psychology. Virgo / Pisces Eclipse cycle is … Transiting Chiron conjunct Natal Sun. Author: Topic: Transit Jupiter conjunct Descendant : Hikaru29 Knowflake . Today I look at my transits and the day I put in this offer t. Jupiter was conjunct IC in Leo by 1 degree from the 4th house. The transit of Jupiter conjunct your natal Venus softens any difficulties you may have in all your relationships, as well as with friendships. During Jupiter transits, we tend to over expand, become overconfident, overextend, overdo. Curious if you have further insight into Jupiter-Chiron conjunction straddling DC, in Cancer. I have a N Jupiter/Moon conjunction within 2 degrees of the IC. You move toward greater wisdom and personal growth at this time. If not, you can take some time off and enjoy yourself away from it all. Jupiter in 3rd House - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. Involvement with the world on a grander than usual scale brings reward and satisfaction - religion, politics, or publishing could be a special focus for this, and travel may be in the picture. When the SR ASC is in the same sign or conjunct the NA ASC, it indicates a new beginning in life, same theory applies to having a new Moon in the SR chart. Jupiter’s morals and ethics end up in a gray area where the higher and wiser self is blurred by dark instincts and primal impulses. Transit Saturn opposite this MC. The person needs to open to feel and express the energy of the natural wild as it exists within him or her. The answer depends on whether it's an aspect occurring in your natal chart, currently forming in the cosmos (transit-to-transit aspect), transiting your chart, or happening in a chart comparison (synastry - relationship astrology). I am an artist and I do tarot professionally This transit boosts health, and you are able to track ailments to the root cause and work healing magic. If one has Capricorn as the IC sign, one had a cold childhood. However, this aspect between planets has common general themes. Here it could be a progressive or open opportunity in case if, at the end of IC axis, a superior planet than IC planet will transit the MC in close orb. De een krijgt promotie, de ander een goede dokter. Free Online Astrology, Natal Birth Chart Meanings and Interpretations. Wisdom meets the inner shadows. Chiron Transits. I am new at predictive astrology.In a difficult time trying to decipher what the future could hold for me and someone very dear to me. Progressed Moon Conjunct Jupiter This is one of those good-luck and guardian-angel times in your life, when your faith in yourself and your destiny runs high. Watch your spending habits. If one has Taurus, one may have had a stable childhood. Transit Jupiter Conjunct Venus. Transiting Jupiter to Eros A spring of love gushed from my heart, And I blessed them unaware. Jupiter Conjunct Midheaven: You're usually successful due to positive attitudes towards your career and general objectives.Your honesty and benevolence in dealings with others leads to promotions, public confidence and a good reputation. Transit Jupiter in the 3rd House Meaning, Transit Birth Chart, Jupiter Astrology Free Interpretations. Jupiter transiting conjunct natal Midheaven. Uranus represents the element of freedom and free expression. However, it is not that simple. Jupiter. We can compare notes! Known for being over the top. Jupiter in transit asks, “Are you willing to allow that tomorrow can be better than today?” Your answer will be revealed to be wrapped up in how willing you are to admit vulnerability and insecurity, and how open you are to feeling your original Chiron wound from infancy and getting over feeling worthy of rejection. Your tastes become more refined. You attain a proper balance between career and other interests. Moon and Sun, then crossed the IC conjunct South Node from 93-95, what was left of my family of origin fell apart in a particularly painful and tragic way. Transits van Jupiter. Als Jupiter over jouw Zon komt groeit je zelfvertrouwen en verbetert je gezondheid (al is het misschien maar tijdelijk). Transiting Moon conjunct your natal Jupiter. Transiting Chiron . In august 15, his IC and MC will both be transited respectively by Jupiter and Chiron (exact). Posts: 1876 From: Asia Registered: Nov 2018: posted November 26, 2018 09:21 AM Idk what it means but all I’ve been feeling is torment Just like Saturn on your descendent or through the 7th House can bring a break-up. If you’re happy at work, you’ll be even happier and do more work. Jupiter transit conjunct the Ascendant: The world is my oyster. Transit Jupiter to Natal Venus With transit Jupiter conjunct your natal Venus, your creativity is heightened, and this is a good time to pursue creative ventures. What you said about the conjunction itself is pretty spot on, certain things that may not apply to me now were definitely at play in my youth. Jupiter's Transit of Cancer and You. When Jupiter transits the Midheaven the desire for growth and expansion influences your career, status, and how you’re seen by the world at large. When transiting Jupiter is square your natal Venus: You tend to overindulge during this transit. When Jupiter Meets Uranus. Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant is a time of endless possibilities. Any Lilith-related wound or anger will be stirred up during this time, giving the person opportunity to heal it and make it a thing of the past. If one has Sagittarius, one had an exciting childhood. You'll have enough optimism and energy to face any obstacle and to expand your visibility to the world. is the most telling time of the transit and the need for inner freedom is pronounced. Jupiter transits to Lilith ask Lilith to expand. One must study the planets conjunct the IC as well as the planets in the fourth house. This same day, I helped my mother (IC) move into a new apartment that is bigger (Jupiter). The sign on the IC shows us the flavor of the childhood. MillyX Knowflake . In combination with Transits it shows the beginning or a time of potentially meeting a new love interest. Yet under a Jupiter transit a person is as likely to examine the realm of the psyche by means of a spiritual as by a purely psychological approach. I haven't been checking my transits lately, but a few days ago I put in my first ever offer on a house. Here is an excerpt from my Eros pages on transiting Jupiter over natal Eros. Then the transit is over and we are left holding the bag. I am wondering if there will be an opportunity when T Jupiter conjuncts my Natal Uranus in the 4th house this November. Saturn, the Late Bloomer. The downside, though, is due to that same word: EXPANSION. Your personal magnetism and inner strength may protect you from harmful external influences at this time. ... Transiting Chiron conjunct Natal Jupiter. Lilith conjunct Jupiter: The Lilith person’s tendencies are magnified and expanded via the contact with Jupiter. When Transit Jupiter crossed my IC I moved from my childhood home. Confidence is heightened and your internal sense of adventure is reawakened, allowing you to take on a spirit of freedom and exploration. Jupiter in the Sixth House (Virgo and Mercury or Chiron) There's luck in your job sector for making changes that are more in sync with your true goals when Jupiter is in the sixth house. You can be the center of attention, and, for some reason, you attract well-being and economic benefits. Jupiter transits are perfect for expanding your horizons. Posts: 1145 From: canada Registered: Feb 2012: posted December 10, … I am in the process of applying for a job. When an outer planet transits the fourth house, it often indicates that a major life change is forecasted. Saturn conjunct the IC (one of the transits I was having at the time) will not necessarily bring violence or strife at home (the IC, 4th house) but the potential is there. The link/sextile to my North Node and the trine to South Node-Jupiter conjunction highlighted the significance of my IC. My mercury is conjunct my IC so getting use to the environment was difficult, it kind of made me not want to interact with anyone. Known for being big. CHIRON CONJUNCT IC: The Imum Coeli, better known as the IC, or the Nadir, sits at the cusp of the 4th house opposite the Midheaven and is known to be the lowest point in a birth chart. “Too much” of whichever sign Jupiter is placed in. I have a ascendant in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter in 1st house and Pluto in 12th house 0° (both in retrograde) and IC in Pisces conjunct Venus and Saturn both in 4th house. A man with Saturn conjunct MC and Jupiter conjunct IC in 1989 entered a period of notable accomplishment in his legal career, arguing two cases before the State Supreme Court. Uranus crossing the I.C. This Saturn (and Jupiter) transit takes it to another level and points to this being a karmic transit. Planetary Aspects: Jupiter conjunct Saturn What does Jupiter conjunct Saturn mean? What could this mean? A woman who had Jupiter conjunct her MC and Saturn at her IC received a large donation from a millionaire philanthropist, which enabled her to expand her business. If you strive for your goals, this transit will help you to achieve success in your profession.