The test was made publicly available today, the day after migrated completely to It is the pottermore version with ALL Possible questions, instead of just 8. Calling all Witches and Wizards!Find out which Hogwarts House you truly belong in, decided by the one and only Sorting Hat!This virtual sorting hat quiz will ask you a series of questions, which is our process of getting to know you (since we're not floating atop your head reading you like a book). 早先,N1ffler整理了Pottermore上的官方测试题,并对算法进行了推算,设计了数个基于官方的、准确度较高的测试,并放在wizardmore.com上。作者基于他的研究结果,结合Pottermore中文的翻译,制作了下面的中文版魔法测试。 Any Harry Potter fan would like to find the exact House that would be their home if they'd gotten that Hogwarts letter! Visit and take official Star Wars quizzes and polls that test your knowledge and opinions of a galaxy far, far away. Pottermore n’existe plus depuis quelques années. Harry Potter’s took the form of a stag. Will you get a wand just like Harry's? For copyright reasons, house names and images are not shown. Pottermore test The Official Pottermore Sorting Hat Quiz! (Nach der Originalvorlage von J. K. Dusk. This is the Pottermore Sorting Hat test as seen in Pottermore. El pottermore test casa o también conocido como el test casa Harry Potter, es un cuestionario que nos ayuda a conocer a que casa de Hogwarts perteneceríamos si fuéramos a Hogwarts.. Test Harry Potter casa oficial. Make quizzes, send them viral. Le vrai, l'unique, l'authentique test est enfin dispo et c'est ce qui manquait à nos vies. It was a nice experience! Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is the American wizarding school, located on Mount Greylock in modern day Massachusetts. I took the @pottermore test (which I wrote) ages ago when it was a work in progress and got a pine marten Patronus. The grading scheme that is used is exactly the same as in Pottermore. Du weißt natürlich auch, dass die Schüler nach ihren Fähigkeiten und Tugenden zu einem der vier Häuser zugeteilt werden. Personally, I'm terrible at decision-making and I don't care for it. Gryffondor, Serdaigle, Poufsouffle ou Serpentard ? This extended version of the Pottermore Sorting Hat Quiz takes into account every single quiz question in order to determine your house accurately. Students of this school, as at Hogwarts in Scotland, are sorted into four houses (Thunderbird, Horned Serpent, Pukwudgie, and Wampus). Once you've found your Patronus, you can't retake the quiz and get one you like better. Si siempre has querido que el sombrero seleccionador determinara a que casa de Harry potter perteneces, con este test podrás conocer el resultado al instante. Sur Pottermore, seules 8 des 28 questions existantes vous sont posées, ce qui peut mener à des résultats incertains. Dans laquelle seras-tu ? Take this quiz to find out what your Harry Potter wand should be! Created by panic! I don't want to select one wand out of thousands and claim that burden of responsibility; I want the choice to be out of my hands. Mr Ollivander By Niffler Felicis. THIS WAS MADE BY JK ROWLING, I … Accueil Histoires Quiz Créer Profil. We’ve found the official questions from the Pottermore sorting test, but we’re reinterpreting the data in a whole new way. This Pottermore test should come with a warning label, 'only the ultimate fans should proceed.' Pottermore fans can now discover their Patronus, a ghostly animal produced as a protector. IDR-HHSHT utiliza el concepto de casas Hogwarts, pero no está asociado con JK Rowling, Pottermore o la franquicia de Harry Potter, y no es el equivalente de otras pruebas de "Pottermore" o "Sombrero Seleccionador". The IDRlabs Hogwarts House Sorting Hat Test (IDR-HHSHT©) is the property of IDRlabs International. This is the official Pottermore Sorting Hat test that you often see in Pottermore. The Wizarding World Digital, new official website for the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises, has just released a new Sorting Hat test.. Voici la réadaptation du test Pottermore pour trouver votre maison dans Harry Potter ! I'm sure you already know your Hogwarts house, so … J.K. Rowling's old Harry Potter website has been replaced by a new, central destination. Materials from the Harry Potter series of films and from the film Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them are courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment. Which element are you most aligned with?, Which mythical creature are you most aligned with?, You are travelling down a deserted path and come to a fork in the road, which path do you take? Doing this test, turns out I'm a Gryffindor Primary and Hufflepuff Secondary so now it all makes sense. This has all possible questions and answers from that test for anyone that wishes to know what house they would get if they had taken the entire test. Test your fate today! How this was made. Let’s begin the Harry Potter quiz official! This test contains all the questions about the Sorting Hat asks on Pottermore to sort you into your House. As many of you have now realised, the @pottermore Patronus Test is finally live! This is the quiz that determines your house in Harry Potter. The wand chooses the wizard, and thank goodness for that, because it's one less stressful decision we all have to make. Begin the experience It appears that you are using private browsing mode, please turn private browsing off to continue It appears that you are using private browsing mode, please turn private browsing off to continue Pottermore was shut down in 2019. — J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) September 22, 2016. Il est disponible seulement en anglais et c’est pour cela que nous avons décidé de créer cette nouvelle version du quiz en français, fidèle à l’original et toujours aussi précis. I love Harry Potter and just had to try this quiz And find out what House I’m in i’ve got lots of quizzes in the past but this one was the best the other quizzes told me what house would you like to be in and what colour do you wear the most and it just puts you in the one you choose but this one was absolutely amazing and I am absolutely … S'inscrire Se connecter. Or GASP, maybe one similar to Voldemorts? Kaitlyn Thompson. The Official Pottermore Sorting Hat Quiz! These have been revealed on Pottermore and also throughout the books and movies. On peut enfin savoir quel est notre Patronus sur Pottermore ! Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! I want … What's your Hogwarts House? Rowling.) Just like the Sorting Hat, we NEVER make a mistake, so be prepared to know once and … - ProProfs Qui . Generate leads, increase sales and drive traffic to your blog or website. L'algorithme du test de Pottermore a été trouvé par des internautes de Wizarmore, alors c'est avec plaisir que je vous délivre le test ultime en français ! River. OR The Wand Ceremony Take your time and answer honestly - your answers are final. With this info we’ll tell you what your Patronus is, and not only that we’ll tell you a bit about why it’s your Patronus. We took the Harry Potter Hogwarts House Quiz official Pottermore Test! All questions and ideas belong to J.K Rowling and picture were found on Google. I want to have a stick of magic foisted upon my person. Here are some of the confirmed Patronus forms from the series. While there are tons of online quizzes, it's rare to find one on Pottermore, J.K. Rowling's official Harry Potter site. That's what you're going to find out in this extended version of the official Pottermore House Quiz. Imagine being one of the new students at Hogwarts. Time to Take Pottermore Test! Created by: Flynnie of Instagram The new Sorting Ceremony is available in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and … Hogwarts House Sorting Quiz (Pottermore Version) Everything in this quiz was made entirely by J.K. Rowling on the Pottermore website. The best part is, you can take it again! How to transfer your Pottermore account to; We took the new Sorting Hat quiz and it ruined some of our lives; The books J.K. Rowling wrote suggest that when it comes to being sorted into Hogwarts houses, choice matters. April 29, 2020 at 12:07 pm . is a free online quiz making tool. Oh, and for those who need a refresher, let me give you some information. That being said, this hardest Harry Potter trivia should be fun if you are a genuine potter-head. Moon or stars? at the twenty øne potterheads On Nov 29, 2016 Dawn or dusk? You can click the house crests to show or hide the percentage scores. Dawn. Stars. But unlike Harry, the Sorting Hat isn’t actually on our head where he can hear our pleas. This test is written by JK Rowling for Pottermore, I do no own this test. IDRlabs Hogwarts House Sorting Hat Test (IDR-HHSHT ©) es propiedad de IDRlabs International. In this case, Today we bring you a special test for Hogwarts houses, and here’s a little Pottermore test that we hope you’ll enjoy and Don’t forget to answer the questions honestly. This took the form of his father’s Animagus form and Patronus. The rights to this quiz are owned by Warner Brothers. Paramètres Langue. Ce test contient toutes les questions du Pottermore Test traduites en français pour vous aider à vous classer dans votre maison à Poudlard. At pottermore I'd constantly get Hufflepuff (for years) and only once got Gryffindor (when I had already gotten used to Hufflepuff) and it annoyed me lmao. The IDR-HHSHT utilizes the concept of Hogwarts Houses, but is not associated with J.K. Rowling, Pottermore, or the Harry Potter franchise, and is not the equivalent of other “Pottermore” or “Sorting Hat” tests. Forest. It accepts students from all over North America. Moon. Harry Potter. Forest or River? As you might know, Wizarding World, previously known as Pottermore, is the official Harry Potter website of Warner Brothers as part of the Wizarding World franchise. Are you in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin? Il s'agit d'un test qui consiste en cinq à sept choix permettant de déterminer quelle serait la forme que prendrait le Patronus d'une personne. Assembled at the Great Hall among your fellow initiates, your path to becoming a true wizard will be decided by a literal talking hat that will group you along with students of similar character and potential. In diesem Test kannst du herausfinden, welches Hogwarts Haus wirklich zu dir passt. Sicher kennst du Harry Potter und die berühmte Schule für Hexerei und Zauberei. Le test du Patronus a été publié le 22 septembre 2016 sur Pottermore.