due to the closure of copy shops during the lockdown), please send the amount of printed thesis copies required in your examination regulations to this same contact person right away to the following address (Recommendation: by registered mail): University of Konstanz Abteilung Studium und Lehre Prof. Dr. Andrew S. Gross. Exam withdrawal due to illness. Further measures to contain the corona pandemic Students can study either in English or German; Tourism Management, General Business and General Engineering are study programmes which were developed specifically according to the needs of our international exchange students, thus, they are taught in English. Um dich für eine Prüfung anzumelden, musst du dich im HISinOne einloggen oder im LSF, falls du noch in einem der auslaufenden Studiengänge studierst. Die Globale Klausuranmeldephase findet immer jeweils in der 5. und 6. Einleitung. Algebraic Geometry (WS 2019/20) Andreas Gathmann and Kevin Kühn . In addition, a physician of your choice must confirm that you are unable to sit the exam. Events and Dates; Date Event; 03/16/2020: Registration begins: 05/01/2020: Bills Generated (Registered by 5 p.m. on May 1) 05/01/2020: Pre‐Payment Period begins at 5 p.m. (Students not registered before this date must pre‐pay or provide proof of financial aid prior to registering.) After the limitations have ended (i.e. Regardless of whether you already have an interdisciplinary background gained through a degree combining management and technology or if you are rooted in pure management studies – you will be equally prepared to reach the same goal: Become a skilled business leader with a profound understanding of … Startseite Universität Regensburg. The notes for this class are now finished, you can download them … Information on the coronavirus situation at UR. Withdrawal from exams due to illness. The program is designed to meet you at your current academic stage. Hinweise vorab: Datumsangaben sind beispielhaft. Dates and Times . Check out "The File Transformer"- a new resource where anyone can upload a digital file and download an Alternative Format.This is a limited-time tool to help students and instructors convert their digital content during this difficult transition to remote learning. Die Anleitung beschreibt die wesentlichen Schritte der Prüfungsanmeldung und -abmeldung in HISinOne. ; Anmeldezeiträume. Anmeldung bis heute (02.02.2021) 12 Uhr per E-Mail an steuerlehre@uni-due.de möglich! Professor of North American Studies Teaching at the University of Göttingen since 2015. With the Goschkes’ generous investment, funding will be in place to ensure there is a safe and quality surface and amenities for years to come. A $2 million gift from Doug and Ann Goschke, residents of Port St. Lucie, Florida, has set the stage to make outdoor artificial turf a reality for the UNI football program. Lecture: Tue 10:00-11:30 (48-519), Thu 10:00-11:30 (48-519), starting October 29 Example Class: Tue 1:45-3:15 (36-265), starting November 5 Holidays: November 1, December 23 - January 4 Class Notes . Ally File Transformer. Previously Andrew Gross held positions at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (2012-2015), at the John F. Kennedy Institute, Free University of Berlin (2004-2012), and at the University of California, Davis (1993-2004). Spend your ERASMUS study semester at DIT and combine it with practical experience in Germany. Cancellation due to illness of examination in the WS / SS _____ Please, hand in this form to the responsible Examination Office. ; Wie du genau in HISinOne vorgehst, kannst du in der Anleitung zur Online-Prüfungsverwaltung des Prüfungswesens nachlesen. Die Anmeldefrist hat begonnen! Erfolgt bei der An- und Abmeldung keine E-Mail-Benachrichtigung kann zur Kontrolle von An- und Abmeldungen der PDF-Bescheid „Angemeldete Prüfungen“ unter „Mein Studium“ -> „Leistungen“ genutzt werden. If you fall ill, you must inform Exam Administration before the start of the examination (Email: pruefungsverwaltung.wiwi@uni-konstanz.de).