That description for the scent is given as: Dr Pepper's unique, sparkling blend of 23 fruit and spice flavours has been around for well over a century and it's still the same, with that distinctive flavour you just can't quite put your tongue on. Posted by 2 days ago With its unique 23-flavors taste, it's a treat unlike any … It’s a carbonated soft drink with a unique flavour and isn’t quite what you’d describe as a cola. Music pioneer, convicted murderer Spector dead at 81 “Vidal Sassoon Cherry Almond shampoo smells like a sweet and magical mix of marzipan and Dr Pepper and I could smell it all. View entire discussion ( 33 comments) More posts from the Showerthoughts community. Die Mixtur aus 23 Aromen sorgt für ein unverwechselbares Zusammenspiel von Kirsche, Zimt, Marzipan und Mandeln. damn. ... you know i find Cherry Coke smells of marzipan, which is of coarse almond based. It doesn't taste like anything more so than anything else. 65.3k. I keep … For some people the drink is an equivalent to Cherry Coke while others associate the taste with marzipan or Amaretto. As a marzipan aficionado since I was in diapers, I wouldn't say marzipan smells like Dr Pepper at all. Recently I was involved in an argument over what exactly Dr Pepper tastes like. 14.4k members in the DrPepper community. The Dr Pepper company denies cherry and kola flavorings. They also deny the other rumors that Dr Pepper now or ever contained prunes, black pepper, chili pepper, bell pepper, peppermint, or prune juice. Über Dr Pepper Das koffeinhaltige Erfrischungsgetränk Dr Pepper bietet ein einmaliges und typisches Geschmackserlebnis. Dr Pepper tastes like feet. Either way, it is clearly a question many people have asked themselves, judging from the numerous posts on Q&A sites revolving around this subject. Also, yes, Dr Pepper tastes kind of like marzipan, but it's a fruit drink, so labelling it a certain flavour is impossible. A partial list of these flavors can be seen at the bottling plant in Dublin, Texas, although the formula itself (with its twenty-three ingredients) is a closely guarded secret. day. What exactly is Dr Pepper? From Wikipedia:Unlike Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Dr Pepper is not marketed as a cola.Dr Pepper's flavor is allegedly derived from a mixture of soda fountain flavors popular when the drink was first devised. And while it is supposedly a pepper-style flavour, I think it tastes closer to a mixture of cherry and marzipan. There's nothing like rich, delicious Dr Pepper. Cherry flavour my ass. I found a website that sells candle and soap supplies, including fragrances oils - and they have one called "Mr. Pepper M.D.". Boebert spokesman quits less than 2 weeks into term. 3 years ago.